Friday, November 12, 2010

Availabity of Ira hair oil

Availabity of Ira hair oil

Ira hair oil is easily available:

1) All Medical Stores of Delhi and NCR
2) Free Home delivery (Call 09212334551)

Ira Hair Oil Photo

Ira Hair Oil Photo

Benefits of Ira hair oil

Benefits of IRA Hair Oil

  • Guaranteed Hair Growth
  • Removal of Dandruff
  • maintain thickness and solid Hair
  • No Side Effects,
  • No Artificial Essence And Chemicals
  • Reach To The Roots And Vessels And Helpful For Hair Falling and prevents Headache.
  • Protection From Hair Loss & Baldness.
  • Makes Sharpen Brain, & Beneficial for Better Sleep
  • Helpful for all Persons of all Ages
  • improves The Memory
  • Used in All Seasons.

Ira Hair Oil introduction, ingredients and how to use


Ira Hair Oil
is approved By Directorate of ISM & Govt. of Delhi. It Has Been Found That Ira Hair Oil Very Useful For Those Who Have Hair Problem Like
Hair Baldness
Hair Fall
Dry Hair,
Rough Hair,
Split Ends
Pre-Mature Graying Hair

By Continues Use Of Ira Hair Oil All These Problem Will Be Solved. Ihis is Proved One of the Best Hair Oil in Delhi and NCR.

Ingredients of Ira Hair Oil

IRA hair oil is Prepared By Amla, Shikakai, Bhangra, Hina Gulaab, Bal Char, Etc. & Various Elements.It Is Based On Sesame Oil In The Presence Of Hair Experts.

How to use.

Apply on dry hair with a gentle massage with help of finger tips for 10 to 15 minutes. This kind of massage will shed off weak hair within 3 to 5 days and augment new growth of hair within 12 to 15 days you will find your hair long n shiny, stronger, & healthier.